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Eric Petersen for Salinas City Council District Fivespacer Download the Endorsement
form below to help Eric

Download the form below to help Eric, as a pdf file: Endorsement.pdf

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Eric Petersen for Salinas City Council -- District Five

FPPC# 1370357

Yes, Eric has my endorsement for Salinas City Council – District Five, and may use my name below:

Name: _______________________________________________________

Title: ________________________________________________________

Signature: ___________________________________________________

Contribution: __*$_____________________________________________
* Occupation and Employer required for contributions $100 and over.

Occupation: __________________________________________________

Employer: _______________________________________________________

Please send this form to Eric Petersen For Council – 2014, P O Box 2416, Salinas CA 93902

____ Show yard sign ____ Write Letters to the Editor
____ Have site for large sign ____ Walk door-to-door
____ Host event so neighbors and friends can meet Eric

FPPC # 1370357 • www.ericforcouncil.net • eric@ericforcouncil.net