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The Californian

October 03, 2014


As a former City Council Member of District 5, I'm writing this to give my wholehearted support for this coming election to Eric Petersen for the District 5 seat. He looks forward to the opportunity and challenge of making Salinas a better place to live.

I know he will continue to work for a safer more peaceful community and to dedicate available dollars to fix our streets, sidewalks and to maintain essential services such as police and fire. He supports Measure G...

EI Gabilan Library is a special project for Eric, but proper traffic mitigation needs to be addressed as well. He has so many fresh and exciting ideas for our City and has served for so many years on various city-appointed commissions and committees. And he's done many ride-alongs with our police officers and is well aware of their shortages.

Eric will also encourage new business while at the same time the infrastructure and services to support it. He will address traffic impacts and their solutions as well.

But the trait I like best about Eric is that he is a "people person" and will be there when you need him!! Please give him your vote on Nov. 4.

== Jan Collins, Salinas

October 11, 2014


I would just like to add my name to the list of people who think Eric Petersen is the best choice for Salinas District 5.

As Jan Collins wrote, he is a people person who has been involved in many phases of our community. My experience with Eric is that he cares about this city we call home.

It is time for some new approaches to the problems we face. Eric is not more of the same old same old.

Please join me in supporting Eric. He, and this city I love, deserve a chance.

Melinda Messner-Rios


I have known Eric Petersen for many years. Given his civic and community involvement, it didn't take long for us to meet each other and land up working together on many civic improvement issues. Now that Eric is retired, he has more time to commit to making Salinas a better place to live.

I urge all voters in District 5 to support Eric. Kimbley Craig is the current incumbent. Kimbley was one of the three councilmembers who loss the city and the taxpayers $400,000 in the librarian abuse scandal. Time to move along for Kimbley. Rookie blunders like this don't sit well with most folks.

What you may not know about Eric, that is not in his campaign literature, is how many city council meetings he has attended, how often he has spoken out at the podium and how many council agendas he has scrutinized. Eric has been a volunteer watchdog for the rest of us who may not have had the stamina to attend so many council meetings. Time to change horses in midstream. Elect Eric Petersen.

Gary Karnes


September 19, 2014


Eric Petersen is a candidate for District 5 City Council of Salinas. In my view, Eric Petersen edged his opponent Kimberly Craig during the General Election Forum at the National Steinbeck Center held on Sept. 10.

Moderator Jeff Mitchell seemed frustrated when Craig failed to respond with a reasonable explanation what happened during a meeting on Feb. 25 that resulted in the loss of $400,000 public funds used to pay former Library and Community Services Department Director Elizabeth Martinez.

Martinez and Craig were two of the five attendees during the meeting that ended in about one hour and as a result of what happened during the meeting and/or what attendees said to whom, $400,000 of the Salinas public funds had to be paid to Martinez.

Second, Petersen plans to establish a North Salinas Association that promotes marketing, business recruitment and community events like the Old Town Salinas Association.

Third, Petersen is a veteran of the U.S. Army who received the Army Commendation Medal. Like other veterans, Peterson volunteered to serve in the military knowing that his services can include risking his life. As a life member of the Disabled American Veterans, Petersen's employment benefit includes the addition of 10 to 15 points before his total score.

Severo Steve Racilis



Kimbley Craig is running for reelection as District 5 City Council member. What has Ms. Craig accomplished in her previous four years in office? Here are the highlights:

She participated in a harassment meeting with the City Librarian which resulted in a $400,000 city settlement;

She took an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C. and

She used her business acumen and focus on economic development to gain the city a new Sonic Drive-In, representing a few dozen minimum wage jobs. Meanwhile, the city lost a few hundred high-paying financial sector jobs.

Ms. Craig has done nothing to deserve re-election. Vote for Eric Petersen and let's try somebody new.

Stephen Connacher


Eric Petersen
P O Box 2416, Salinas 93902

For Immediate Release

Styles Endorses Petersen for City Council

Former mayor of Salinas Alan Styles has endorsed Eric Petersen for Salinas City Council, District Five.

Styles was mayor from 1992 until 1998. He also served as Councilmember representing District One, and as a school board member.

Petersen is running to represent District Five. He advocates improvements to the Police and Fire Departments, expanding the tiny El Gabilan Library, dog parks throughout Salinas, and more.

The election will be Tuesday, November 04.

FPPC # 1370357 • www.ericforcouncil.net • eric@ericforcouncil.net